We are looking for 
18-60 year old men or women that have either:

  No personal history of major mental illness, and no family history of major mental illness

  OR a diagnosis of schizophrenia, schizoaffective disorder, or bipolar disorder


What is involved?

This research study involves safe procedures that include:

Clinical Interviews

Speaking with a member of the research staff to gather background information

Cognitive Testing

Simple paper/pencil and computer tasks to study memory, attention, and thought processes

Laboratory Tests

A small sample of blood or saliva will be collected, and a skin biopsy may be collected to study genetics. A urine drug test is also required to participate in the study.


An MRI and an EEG (both non-radioactive, non-invasive) will be used to capture information about the structure and function of the brain during rest and task performance. An eye tracker will also be used to study eye movements.

BulletCompensation varies from site to site. Contact the site nearest you for more information.


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